About RVA

RVA, known as Radio Vendors Alliance, is an autonomous organization comprised of reputable radio vendors that provide exceptional products and services to local focused radio operators.


The association prides itself on promoting excellence in the industry, ensuring that each vendor adheres to high standards of quality, trustworthiness, customer service, and value-based pricing. With a focus on providing the best-in-class services, each vendor is carefully selected based on their proven track record of delivering reliable and cost-effective solutions. As a result, PRV offers a network of trusted partners that radio operators can rely on to help them grow and succeed.

At RVA, maintaining high standards of quality and service is of utmost importance, and this is reflected in the rigorous certification process that each vendor undergoes. To ensure that only the most reputable vendors are part of the association, vendors are submitted to annual scrutiny and client feedback surveys. These evaluations allow the association to assess each vendor's performance and determine if they continue to meet the required standards for certification. The feedback surveys provide valuable insight into how vendors are performing in the field, enabling the association to identify areas of improvement and address any concerns raised by clients. Vendors that fail to meet the association's strict criteria will not be certified, which ensures that only the best vendors remain in good standing with RVA. By maintaining this high level of quality assurance, RVA is committed to providing the best possible services to its members and ensuring that they receive the highest level of satisfaction from their vendor partners.  


Overall, RVA's commitment to self-governance and quality assurance makes it a valuable resource for any small or middle-market radio operator looking to improve their operations.