Curated Radio Content and Show Prep

Radio Content Pro is broadcasting's single most indispensable tool for content creation. RCP leverages the power of AI to gather, organize, and repurpose content 24 hours a day/7 days a week. 


Each story is curated and prepared as a news/information story written to be spoken (not read), three compelling teases, a commentary to inspire personalities, suggestions for phone topics, and a complete digital section with a done-for-you blog post, multiple social media posts for the most popular sites, and ideas for inspiring online discussions. 


Radio Content Pro is market-exclusive and available to various formats from Christian to Hip Hop, and Rock to Mainstream AC.


  •  Content Summaries
  •  Clever Headlines
  •  Amazing Teases
  •  Inspire Your Opinion
  •  Create a Topic
  •  Dig Deeper
  •  Easy Navigation
  •  Stay Updated


"This service has been my lifeline and it has helped me stay up-to-date and inspired with the output of digital content like a machine."

Andy Cohen, On-Air Talent, Pattison Media