Tracy Johnson's AI Endeavor Welcomed By Radio Vendor Alliance

The Radio Vendor Alliance is the latest radio coalition to embrace artificial intelligence through its latest member, Radio Content Pro. Radio Content Pro was unveiled in February by Tracy Johnson Media Group and WP Media.


RCP utilizes AI to gather, organize, and curate ongoing content and talking points tailored for radio broadcasts. This includes rewritten stories for newscasts, sports, and entertainment segments to match a specific region or audience, all formatted for oral presentation without violating copyright laws.


Additionally, RCP extends its AI capabilities to produce blog posts and social media content ready for publication.


Tracy Johnson Media Group founder Tracy Johnson said, “Our product leverages artificial Intelligence to inspire creativity at the local station level. As we introduce our unique offering, the RVA will help us leverage their relationships to small and medium size markets around the country.”


Membership in the RVA requires a thorough vetting process to ensure each vendor offers services of fair market value and comprehensive support. This ensures that radio operators have access to a reliable network of partners focused on aiding their growth and success.


RVA co-founder Tom Dobrez stated, “The RVA is all about preparing radio stations for the future and nothing says future more than AI. With Radio Content Pro joining our growing organization, we are ever more positioned to help broadcasters be prepared.”


Radio Content Pro joins a notable lineup of RVA members, including RadioFX, Envisionwise, and Big Deals Media, bringing the total to ten. The RVA previously announced its sponsorship of the Small and Medium Market Radio Forum at the upcoming 2024 NAB Show in Las Vegas on Saturday, April 13, 2024.


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Navaquest Becomes An Early Radio Vendor Alliance Member

The recently formed Radio Vendor Alliance has added another member to its coalition ahead of the organization’s grand unveiling at the 2024 NAB Show in Las Vegas. Navaquest, a provider of digital sales training for small to mid-sized radio markets, joins the RVA to offer strategic planning and advice to independent owners.

Navaquest aims to complement the services of existing RVA members with its training modules and digital marketing certification.

The RVA consists of eight founding members, including RadioFX, Envisionwise, Big Deals Media, Cool Radio Streaming, Rumple, Silverback Advertising, Radio Consulting Services, and Frank Gerard Voiceovers.

Navaquest founder Theresa Timm said, “One of the internal goals of the RVA is to align our services with each other, so radio stations can succeed in today’s ever-changing marketplace…To be part of an organization with some of the most respected names in the business is an honor.”

The RVA is gearing up for its first significant gathering at NAB Show, where it will sponsor the Small and Medium Market Radio Forum on the event’s opening day, April 13.


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Eight Companies from Radio Vendor Alliance To Provide Services To Stations

A select group of the country’s leading radio vendors have come together to provide planning and advisory assistance to small and medium size radio station owners. The Radio Vendor Alliance (RVA) will serve as a trusted advisory for radio station owners and managers looking for high value service and software partners.


The eight charter members of the RVA are RadioFX, Envisionwise, Big Deals Media, Cool Radio Streaming, Rumple, Silverback Advertising, Radio Consulting Services, and Frank Gerard Voiceovers.


“The primary objective of the RVA is to provide small and medium size radio station operators confidence that the vendors they are looking for to help elevate their business have been vetted and provide broadcasters with quality assurances,” says John Wanzung President of RadioFX and a founding member of the RVA.


Members of the RVA provide best-in-class services, reliable and cost-effective solutions for a variety of radio business challenges. Each vendor has submitted to a review process and their inclusion in the RVA has been based on their proven track record of delivering fair market value services backed by inclusive support.


As a result, RVA offers a network of trusted partners that radio operators can rely on to help them grow and succeed. Overall, RVA’s commitment to self-governance and quality assurance makes it a valuable resource for any small or middle-market radio operator looking to improve their operations. Each RVA member is an experienced radio operator who has built a service company in a specific niche. Together they form an ideal solution to help move your radio station to the next level.


“The radio vendor landscape can get confusing and station managers need to get the bottom line quickly. The RVA’s mission is to provide critical information to owners about the available trusted resources and services of necessary suppliers, “ said Wanzung. “Once a decision is made, RVA partners work together to assure the client that all systems will coordinate and work together seamlessly.”


Companies that form the RVA have developed services in sync to assure broadcasters they are getting first class applications that work together. For example, Big Deals Media provides new revenue opportunities through a gift certificate marketing program that integrates with Rumple’s state of the art CRM program. Cool Radio Streaming’s audio streaming platform connects seamlessly to RadioFX mobile apps and Envisionwise’s website solutions. The programming and consulting experts at Radio Consulting Services can coordinate imaging with Frank Gerard’s world class voice over work and on and on.


“We have been working behind the scenes with each other for the past year aligning our product offerings to coordinate turnkey solutions for radio stations. RVA members provide state of the art technology that works together in unison,” said Jackie Parks, President of Envisionwise. “Clients can rest easy knowing that the RVA independent vendors will assure product compliance across our vast offerings.”


The RVA plans on a formal grand opening presence at the 2024 NAB Show in Las Vegas with a sponsorship of the Small and Medium Market Radio Forum (SMMRF) on the event’s opening day, Saturday April, 13. 2024.


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